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The new version of JMap, JMap 7 Istanbul, is finally here!  This new update contains visual improvements as well as stability and performance optimizations.

Java License

Do you need to pay a Java license fee to use the map based integration platform JMap? The answer is no.


The JMap Documents extension offers JMap users a simple way to access documents (e.g. PDF, Word and Excel files, etc.) that are linked to map objects.


The new version of JMap 7 Hanoi contains new features and improvements that will be appreciated by users and administrators.


JMap Tracking has existed for several years now; it’s a stable technology that has proven its worth. It will continue to evolve for the coming year.


With K2 Geospatial's JMap Survey , you can carry your entire JMap project on your smartphone or your tablet (iOS or Android).


The new version of JMap 7 has arrived. It's called JMap 7 Gibraltar. Here is an overview of some new features and improvements that are part of it.


Here is the new version JMap 7 Edinburgh and a small summary of the notable changes in each of Cairo, Dakar and Edinburgh versions.


JMap 7 Bogotá is now available. This release includes many enhancements, additions, and fixes. A major new feature is the addition of a filter function.

Mouseover Bubbles

Mouseover bubbles in JMap are a quick and easy way to get information about an object on the map. You can also include small JavaScript programs.