A platform that evolves
with your reality and needs

Add new features to JMap in a modular manner, based on your organization’s specific needs.
These extensions are seamlessly integrable.


Optimize the productivity of mobile units and reduce operating costs

JMap’s Tracking extension provides an easy way to manage and track various mobile units, in real and non-real time, by connecting your vehicle tracking systems together.

Document Management

Improve the capabilities of your document management system

JMap’s Documents extension connects JMap to records management systems and databases. It provides access to all of your organization’s digital documentation, allowing you to search for information faster.

Facility Management

Optimize the management of your real estate assets

Developed by our partner Visiativ, the JMap FM extension simplifies facility management, providing detailed floor plans, infrastructures and all equipment.


Strengthen your knowledge of your territory using imaging data

JMap’s Imagery extension offers a set of raster data analysis tools, including digital terrain models (DTM) and multispectral images.