We launched JMap 7 Bogotá in February 2018.  This article is an overview of the latest features.

First, a reminder about the new release mode of JMap versions. We have recently adopted an agile development mode and this is reflected in JMap. We are now producing smaller incremental versions of the product. This translates into quicker feedback from customers, less risk when updating, and the addition of continuous improvements. We are aiming for a release every 6-8 weeks. Each version is built around the core of JMap 7 and bears the name of world capital, in alphabetical order (Amsterdam, Bogotá, Cairo, etc.).  As the versions are incremental, no problem if you skip one version, the next one also includes all the improvements of the previous versions.


Layers filters
JMap 7 Bogotá includes a new feature that allows users to define filters on each layer of a project in JMap Web and JMap Pro. Filters are actually expressions based on layer attributes, operators, and attribute values. Anything that does not pass the filter is not displayed.

Here is an example of a filter on a layer of criminal activity. Initially, the layer displays all data.



Using the layer menu, the user can create a filter.



In the example, we want to see only the type of crime “Introduction (ie. Break-ins)” that occurred in January 2017. The interface allows to select the attributes, operators and enter the values of the filter.

The result appears on the map. Only items that pass the filter are displayed.



We are already planning to deliver some filter enhancements in the upcoming JMap 7 Cairo release.


Attributes table in a new window
When you have selected items on the map in JMap Web (after a manual selection or a search), you can now open the attribute table in a new browser tab. This makes consulting the data a lot easier. To detach the table, press the button to the far right in the header of the table.



The table then opens in a new tab of your web browser.




Select on multiple layers in JMap Web
It is now possible to enable multi-layer selection in JMap Web. Enable the selection by pressing the “Selection” button for each layer in the side pane and you will be able to select elements of all these layers at once.




Snap in JMap Pro
Since JMap 7 Amsterdam, we have added many options for snap functions in JMap Pro. You can now snap in the middle of a line, perpendicular projection, etc. We made some improvements in JMap 7 Bogotá to make the tool even more useful. It is now possible to enable or disable snapping without losing the selected options.




JMap Admin SQL Console
For JMap administrators using the JMap Admin SQL Console, we have improved tab management for viewing query results. All INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE query results are now grouped within a single tab. This avoids the creation of too many tabs when running many queries. The results of SELECT queries continue to be in separate tabs.



These are just some of the improvements that are contained in JMap 7 Bogotá. Thank you for continuing to share your good ideas and follow our product release blog to be informed of the latest developments.


Jean-Robert Desbiens-Haddad

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